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How to Hit a Golf Further?

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So you want to know how to hit a golf ball further. The information from all the professional golfers has been gathered and the results are in.

If you want to be able to hit a golf ball further, the number one tip is physical conditioning. There is nothing that will take the place of your physical conditioning.

You must have the flexibility, core strength, shoulder strength, and leg strength as well. 

Flexibility is a key issue in golf, so as you get older it is important to exercise regularly to maintain your flexibility, which is essential for keeping a fluid stroke.

The second tip for knowing how to hit a golf ball further is being loose. Stretch and do some exercises to help you get loose. You will never drive a golf ball 300 yards when you are tight, and not loosening up could be a recipe for disaster by the way of pulled muscles.

Next you will want to remember that to hit a golf ball farther is a matter of physics. The wider your stroke is the further you are going to be able to hit the ball. So think wide. Start with your ball a little more further forward and give yourself a little more space. Get it wider at the top of your stroke but more importantly get it wider through the ball.

Hitting a ball further will be easier for you if you don’t accelerate too quickly from the top of your swing. Accelerate past the ball that’s going to give you more length. These are fundamental things to remember and if you follow them, they will give you a little edge. Every golfer can use a little edge!

The ability to hit the golf ball further is all about maximum club head speed at the impact zone. Maximum club head speed is generated by the proper release of the arms and hands through impact, combined with the correct weight transfer and body rotation. Remember the 90 degree rule helps to generate this club head speed.

As the club is swung back, the cocking of the wrist will create a 90 degree angle between the left arm and the shaft of the club somewhere near the top of the back-swing. This angle should be maintained during the first part of your down swing. The centrifugal force causes the hands to release near your right thigh. As the hands release they will naturally rotate through the hitting zone resulting in maximum club head speed.

To improve your game, and hit a golf ball further,  follow these simple tips and watch the distance you hit the golf ball improve.

Avoiding back pain while golfing

Feeling your best directly and always affects your posture. Take the time to roll your shoulders forward and back, stretch your spine and gently move your neck from side to side. Get back in touch with your golf swing and make sure that you are not doing anything that can cause injury or soreness to your back

Protecting the back is of utmost importance in any sport. Make sure that is a first priority for you. And remember, that one of the simplest ways to protect your back from pain, is to incorporate Strength Training — this can be bodyweight squats, deadlift on a power rack or lunges. Choose your workouts carefully, walk with confidence, and be as kind to your back as you are to those around you. Your back will thank you, and it will certainly show in your score.

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