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10 Best Foods and Drink for Golfers

Food is fuel for our bodies - What we consume determines our mental and physical abilities. Golfers who eat healthy can achieve a competitive edge and lower their scores. It is vital for athletes to maintain peak athletic performance to consume a well-balanced diet. Are there any foods and drinks you should consume before and after playing golf? Well...that depends. For those who aren't too serious about their games or just trying to have a fun night, eat and drink what they want. Consume the salty foods, junk foods, and sweet snacks you see at the golf course. Meanwhile, if you are interested in eating healthily and using food for energy, and if you wish to stay focused and maintain energy levels, then continue reading. 1. For Breakfast - Oats, Boiled Eggs and Fruit In order to feel full and get energy, we need carbohydrates and protein - for that you can have Oats, 2 hard boiled eggs and a fruit. Eat your breakfast at least two hours before your tee time so your body has time to