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Golf Putting Tips for shooting Lower Scores

Using Golf putting tips for shooting lower scores. There's a saying in golf, You drive for show and putt for dough! This statement is true for both professional golfers and novices. The game of golf is about shooting the lowest scores, and the majority of strokes in the game of golf occur within 100 yards of the hole. Many rounds and many golf tournaments have been ruined by bad putting. To shoot the lowest scores you must learn how to putt. Here we will discuss several techniques for improving your putting skills. Simple Golf Putting Drills: The best way to become better at putting is to practice drills that increase your distance control and accuracy. Golf putting tips that focus on long putts are silly because statistically speaking, all golfers will two putt on putts that are longer than 15 feet. The PGA Tour's stats site shows that most birdies are scored from within 15 feet. We suggest that you practice putts that are 15 feet or shorter because this is where you will hav

Golf Course Etiquette for Beginners

Most experienced golfers can handle playing with someone who is just learning to play.  Who has lower than average skills provided the new golfer possess adequate golf course etiquette and plays at a reasonable pace. Bad etiquette, however, is virtually guaranteed to prevent a future invitation to be part of the same group. Here are a few basic rules of golf course etiquette that will be useful for anyone just starting out and a good reminder for the more experienced golfers. Even before going to the golf course, there are a few things you need to do: Try going to a driving range before playing a round: Unless you are incredibly athletic and can pick up a golf club and start hitting 200 yard drives, you might want to go to a driving range to practice your golf swing mechanics. Take along a friend who knows how to golf, and can show you the basics of the stance, grip and swing. Review each golf club and know your own yardages for each club. Make sure you have your own set of clubs: I a